South African Pastor Bursted In A Deliverance Session Gone Wrong (Pics)

Here is a moment a popular South African pastor was bursted during a deliverance session that went wrong.

In a video that got tongues wagging, the pastor during the session, brought out a said man and started asking him questions”.


See the exchange below…

Pastor: Do I know you?

Man: Yes you know..

Pastor: How do I know you..

Man: We met earlier today here[Church]

Pastor: Holy Jesus.. You met me where?

The exchange later became embrassing and suspicious with the way the man was answering the questions with his clear sense and the church became rowdy..

Internet users who reacted to the video, where amused the way the said man, forgot his rehearsal with the pastor and how the pastor tried covering the whole act up with “Put your hands together for Jesus”.

Watch the video here

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