Emefiele: ‘Nigeria Under Buhari Has Defeated Ethnic And Religious Bigotry’ – Group

The Coalition for Good Governance and Change Initiative, a civil society
organization, on Monday staged a ‘thank you’ rally in appreciation to
President Muhammadu Buhari for reappointing Godwin Emefiele as the
Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Governor for another term.

group led by Coalition for Good Governance and Change Initiative and
the crowd in their thousands in an open letter addressed to the
president, commended him for defeating what it tagged ‘ethnic and
religious bigotry’ with Emefiele’s reappointment.


Okpokwu Ogenyi, National Coordinator/Convener in the letter noted that
security and the economy were too sensitive to consider ethnic or
religious coloration and Mr. President has proven that these two sectors
were very dear to his heart, hence, his reappointment of Emefiele.

group, therefore, called on other Nigerians to rally round the
president as he strives to boost the nation’s economy and as well make
Nigeria a terror-free nation.

The letter reads in full.

Your Excellency,
Muhammadu Buhari, GCON,
President & Commander-In-Chief of The Armed Forces,

Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Aso Rock Villa,

Your Excellency Sir,

“Mr. President, Sir, You Must Stand-Up For Nigeria Now Than Ever, We Plead Of You!”

Sir, leaders and millions of members in the “Coalition for Change
and Good Governance Initiative “ group wishes to congratulate you in
advance for your repeat and historic inauguration on May 29th 2019 for a
second term in office as Nigeria’s democratic leader.

We look forward to this eventful ceremony with unsurpassed enthusiasm;
which is greater than what Nigerians communally felt, when you performed
the twine ceremonies on May 29, 2015 to uphold the sanctity, laws, and
democratic ethos of Nigeria, our nation of inestimable value on the
African continent.

3. Please, permit us to briefly hint you
that what today has become before you, as an assemblage of millions of
pro-Nigerians under the SUN group are your beloved citizens who
separately and in individual capacities spanning various states/regions
and communities in the country worked uncompromisingly for your
emergence as President of Nigeria in 2015.

4. We quietly
followed you on campaign trails as you traversed the land in campaigns
and listened to your soul-touching messages about the predicament of
Nigeria. We were rivetted to your honest messages on the plight of the
poorest of Nigerians and your agenda of freeing us from the manacles of
entrenched relapse of patriotic values orchestrated by the ruling
political elites and hijackers of our common destiny.

5. It
was very clear to us, as evidenced in the personal fiefdoms these
previous leadership vultures erected in Nigeria and abroad for the
pleasure of their personal families. We endured it; but nothing can be
so repulsive, then this manner of oppression!

6. Sir,
without sounding modest, you impressed us; we believed your messages and
they sank in us acutely. And even after your victory at the
presidential polls in 2015, we individually monitored your government to
know if you are a leader we can continue to trust.

7. Sir,
as you mounted the saddle of leadership, our members intensely searched
for more faults in your administration for three years, but found none.
We set assessment yardsticks for your government comparatively with
previous administrations in the country, hoping that you would derail,
and we shall instantaneously withdraw support. But pleasantly, you stuck
to your convictions, vision and mission as leader of Nigeria. We are
most impressed and proud of you.

8. The same spirit of
solidarity with you compelled members of CGGCI to also faithfully
support the cause of your reelection in 2019. We did it because we knew,
with you on the saddle, our country stands the brightest of chances to
feel the impact of lasting and full recovery from its doldrums.

And God heard our fervent prayers for your retention as our
democratic leader in 2019 to consolidate on your uncommon impacts on the
economy, security and anti-corruption. And we erupted in wild
jubilations when the electoral umpire body announced your resounding
victory, which resonated all over Nigeria, from a stiffly contested
presidential elections, with about 72 candidates and with merged
political parties or ganged-up against your candidature.

And in your 2019 post-victory era, we are also not unmindful of the
connivance to destabilize or distract you from performing the functions
of your office. They have sponsored protestive groups or hirelings
against your administration in Abuja and elsewhere in Nigeria.

So, after diligent deliberations, those of us who believe in your
personal ideologies and leadership style, thought it wise to converge
under an umbrella body, now with the acronym CGGCI to openly appreciate
and to further inspire you on the leadership plane of Nigeria despite
the distractions.

12. Sir, CGGCI is therefore a coalition of
pro- Nigerian Patriots that believe in your capacity to provide the kind
of leadership that Nigerians have always yearned at this point of our
beleaguered history. We need not remind again, but for emphasis,
Nigerians craved for a leadership stripped of religious, ethnic or
regional bigotry, which is imaged and epitomized by you. A leadership
which place places national interest foremost.

13. The
confidence of CGGCI members in your leadership has not diminished; but
rather, it has intensified with the decisions you have taken even before
the formal commencement of your second mandate in office.

Mr. President sir, like you pledged in your 2019 victory acceptance
speech, we can confirm without balking that truly you meant serious
business when you again re-echoed that concentration in your second term
would be on stampeding the economy into full growth after recession,
security and intensifying the anti-corruption crusade. They are the
pillars of any nation and once, decayed such a country is doomed and we
identify with you absolutely.

15. Thus, your reappointment of
the exiting Governor of the central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin
Emefiele, the henchman of Nigeria’s recovery from economic recession for
another term of five years, confirms to millions of SUN members in
Nigeria, your committed and unalloyed devotion to solving the problems
of our dear country. We are totally confident that sustaining the
economic recovery of the country is on course. We are very thankful to
your leadership ingenuity.

16. Sir, please permit us to remind
Nigerians that you inherited Mr. Emefiele as CBN boss from your
predecessor who appointed him in 2014. Though, a statutory appointment,
you could have used the powers of your Presidency to sack him, as
prematurely done to Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, now a traditional ruler
in Kano.

17. But you never abused such powers and when the time
came for Emefiele to exit office naturally, as stipulated by law, as
head of Nigeria’s apex bank, you reappointed him again because of your
passion for performance.

18. Nigerians genuinely committed to
the progress of this nation can concede to you that it’s not your style
and kind of politics. You neither patronize sentiments whether
ethno-religious or partisan. It uniquely stands you out as an
outstanding leader. You focus on merit and competence from any Nigerian,
but hates indolence in public office or corruption. We can confirm it.

We hail you as the face of Nigeria’s most de-tribalized and
unsentimental leader and Pan-African the continent has ever produced.
The eulogies in your glorification are all over, both in Nigeria and
abroad, even from renowned foreign leaders.

20. And with your
retention of Emefiele, we are confident that your decision to retain
only patriots in the coming days ahead will receive a boost from all
Nigerians particularly those that have achieved great milestones on the
economy of Nigeria.
Nigerians are indeed very proud of your fearless posture that has risen above ethno-religious sentiments in the country.

Please sir, help us extend our profound greetings to our Security
Chiefs and all your lieutnants that have made the milestones possible.
There is no doubt on our minds that your team is working day and night
to keep us safe. It is our solemn pledge to support the administration
and the security team to deliver more on your promises and Blueprint.

you also convey our message of Nigerians unshakeable solidarity with
them and our troops. Under your Presidency, we shall finally conquer
Boko Haram unfailingly.

22. Sir, we are excited that you have
taken total control of the economy and security of Nigeria, which are
the key pillars of progression of any nation. Before now, these vital
sectors were in the hands of economic plunderers/saboteurs and armed
terrorists before your Presidency. But you have rescued us from the
fangs of these wearying national malaises.

23. So, we have
crafted this public letter to celebrate you Mr. President for your
thoughtfulness and impeccable wisdom in addressing these national
issues. And may we remind that your decision on the caliber of
appointments in the security sector too is splendid. Particularly, the
Security Chiefs have recorded the victories we today experience against
Boko Haram and the peace in our nation.

24. May we appeal that
if Mr. President is satisfied with the performance of these Security
Chiefs like millions of CGGCI members, let him not shirk in reappointing
or retaining them in office to finally deliver to us a secured nation
in peace, security and fraternity.

25. We are equally aware
that many Nigerians have expressed concerns over the resurgence of some
ugly security situations in some parts of the country. But CGGCI is
confident that with Mr. President and his team of tested and trusted
security experts on the saddle and like Boko Haram, it will soon become a
thing of the past again as our President enters second term. They must
be extinguished soon by the renewed focus of Service Chiefs.

Finally, the entire civil society leadership and millions of its
members wish to commend Mr. President for these laudable
accomplishments in just four years. We therefore pass a total vote of
confidence on President Buhari and looking forward to a more eventful
second term as he hits the ground “flying” expectedly like a tornado.

This time to take Nigeria to the Promised Land on the wings of an
eagle uninterrupted. This is the ripe time for Mr. President to stand up
for Nigeria because you have the greatest support in Nigerian masses as
fronted by us and many others.

28. And lastly, Mr. President,
we are assuring you that the Coalition for Good Governance and Change
Initiative and our allies are always ready to ensure that every policy
of your government is not only given full attention, but actively

29. Your Excellency Sir, we appreciate your kind
audience, in spite of your busy schedules. We are most honored and
Thank you, most profoundly and warmly!


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