Timi Dakolo Slams Vice President Osinbajo

Award-winning Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo has slammed vice president Yemi Osinbajo who he claimed is not speaking out on the current alleged breach of constitutional rights of Nigerians despite being a top pastor at one Nigeria’s largest churches.

Dakolo took to his Instagram page to remind the Vice President of Daniel in the Bible who spoke fearlessly to the authorities despite being a part of them.


He shared,

1.i thought you knew the law.

2.pastor sir,what has Happened to you ?

3.pastor pastor,I thought you are an orator? Why are you not speaking? Why are you not speaking the truth?

4.pastor pastor, remember Daniel in the bible.He spoke the truth fearlessly.

5.pastor pastor,Are you still God’s mouth piece in the corridor of Power?!

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